Jazz Generation recognizes that this intergenerational network is driving the future of jazz, and we are determined to foster it's continued growth. Of course, this can’t happen without the next generation of jazz musicians and listeners— The Cubs. Through our youth programs, we provide young musicians with the skills required to grow as collaborators and performers, and introduce younger audiences to the joys of live jazz.


Our Jazz Standard Youth Orchestra program provides young talented jazz musicians with a stage and audience where they can hone their craft in performing at a very early stage of their development. It just happens that the stage they are performing on is one of the world’s top jazz clubs - Jazz Standard! They put together their own show as they choose repertoire, line up soloists and guests all under the watchful eye and supervison of many of today’s jazz prominent musicians.


The Jazz Standard Discovery Program was founded with the intention of bringing school kids from all backgrounds to the club to experience live jazz. These workshops were designed to be fun, educational, and interactive. For some eighteen years now, the JSDP has been bringing school children of a wide age range to the Jazz Standard, and reaching out to cultural centers such as Visions, a midtown residence for the visually impaired. We believe that cultivating a vibrant and passionate audience is just as important as supporting talented and driven musicians.


Ben Sperling - Harvard Freshman